Yes Virginia, this site is a project! I use the static site generator Hugo and Chip Zoller’s excellent Clarity theme. The site repository is on GitHub here.

Customizing the theme

I haven’t made too many customizations to the theme just yet, though I probably will in the not-too-distant future. The biggest thing is switching from the default KaTeX to MathJax for typesetting math like so:

$$e^{i \pi} + 1 = 0$$

After grad school I never thought I’d miss TeX, but it’s good to see that beautifully rendered math again.

I’ve also added StackOverflow to the list of available social icons at the top right. I made a PR of this which was accepted upstream late last year, so now you can feature your own StackOverflow profile on your website.

Finally, I think social sharing icons are somewhat irritating, so I’ve replaced them all with a simple permalink. If you’d like to share posts or pages from this site that’s great, but I’m not promoting a social media presence and I don’t want to shove SHARE ME! icons in your face. Do unto others, right?

Lessons learned so far

For the pitfalls of cargo-culting Hugo commands, check out this short post here.