Eleven More Resolutions for 2021


I just came across this post in which the author makes 12 resolutions for the new year, one for each month. I thought it was such a good idea that I would make one for each month of the rest of 2021. I have a list of goals on my about page, but I want to focus strictly on technical goals for this post, ones that can be completed in a month or less (or represent completion of ongoing work). Some of them dovetail with those other, larger goals and could represent stepping stones on the way to them.

  1. Implement the Fast Fourier Transform.
  2. Complete the OpenCV course Computer Vision I.
  3. Implement a convolutional neural network from scratch in Julia.
  4. Build a Raspberry Pi-powered baby monitor.
  5. Complete Computer Vision II
  6. Learn ROS.
  7. Learn to use a 3D printer.
  8. Learn how to do depth estimation with stereo matching.
  9. Complete Deep Learning with PyTorch
  10. Learn OpenGL.
  11. Finish my robot.

I will document my struggles here. February starts tomorrow!